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The Student Section of the Ontario Medical Association

The Ontario Medical Students Association (OMSA) is the dedicated student voice of the OMA. They represent the views and concerns of the over 3,000 Ontario medical students on a number of issues.

Over the past few years, OMSA has been very concerned about the decrease in medical school accessibility and the negative effects this will have on our healthcare system. Since 1998, OMSA has fought against tuition deregulation and has actively lobbied the provincial government to freeze tuition levels and increase government assistance to lower income students.

OMSA has appealed to their future colleagues as well. In 2000, the Ontario Medical Student Bursary Fund was established after executive members of OMSA recognized the need for more financial assistance programs. Students appealed to Council members of the Ontario Medical Association who responded by developing and contributing to this financial assistance program.

More recently, OMSA has also started working to make certain that all Ontario medical students are able to access postgraduate training positions in this province. While medical school enrolment has increased steadily in the last few years, residency positions have not kept pace. OMSA is committed to working toward ensuring that there are adequate postgraduate training positions in Ontario, and that these positions are appropriately distributed among the various disciplines so graduates are able to enter their disciplines of interest.

The Student Section of the OMA was officially founded during the Ontario Medical Association's AGM in May 1974 and started using the acronym "OMSA" in 2004. Students at each of the six Ontario medical schools (Western, McMaster, Toronto, Queens, Ottawa, and the Northern Ontario School of Medicine) elect two representatives to serve on the Student Section Executive for a two-year term. These representatives elect a Chair, Vice-Chair and Treasurer to serve for a one-year period.

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OMSA Executive Committee

University of Toronto
Ali Damji

Queen's University
Marianne Stroz

Information Officer and Treasurer
Queen's University
Alana Fleet

Director of Communications
University of Toronto
Samik Doshi

Director of Services
University of Ottawa
Christine Prudhoe

Director of Representation
Western University

Justin Cottrell

Director of Education
Western University
Tavis Apramian

OMSA External Representatives

McMaster University

Gordon Locke

Cameron Lam

Northern Ontario School of Medicine

Kristen Zahn

University of Ottawa

Jonathan Gravel 

Max Deschner

Queen’s University

Alanna Fleet

Graham Skelhorne-Gross

University of Toronto

Ali Damji

Claudia Frankfurter

Western University

Justin Cottrell

Brandon Chau

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