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It has been reported that the so-called Heartbleed bug has impacted a number of servers around the world, allowing other users to access password protected sites to obtain personal information. The OMA member web site is not vulnerable to this bug as we do not use the affected technology.


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Your Health

  • Income and Health

    In November 2012, the OMA was asked to consider the role of screening for poverty in primary care settings and to provide physicians with relevant resources

  • Housing and Health

    Housing and Health

    In August 2013, Ontario’s Doctors examined the latest research and recommendations from experts in the field of safe, affordable housing and its relationship to the health of patients

  • Alcohol Harm Awarness

    Alcohol Harm Reduction

    According to the WHO, the CDC, and the Cancer Quality Council of Ontario, alcohol consumption in excess of low-risk guidelines is one of the top-four modifiable risk factors for chronic disease

  • Antibiotic Resistance

    Bacteria that are exposed to certain antibiotics can become resistant to these antibiotics and those related to them.

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Doctor Spotlight

  • Dr. Romina Mizrahi

    Dr. Romina Mizrahi is a Clinician Scientist in CAMH’s Research Imaging Centre, and an Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Toronto.

  • Dr. David Levy

    Dr. David Levy practices Sports Medicine and has been the team physician for the CFL Hamilton Tiger Cats for the past 35 years.

  • Dr. Scott Wooder

    Meet the OMA’s 132nd President, Dr. Scott Wooder

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