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Compassionate Care Act

Doctors advocate for enhanced access to hospice care across Ontario

OMA President Dr. Samantha Hill and Chair of the OMA Section on Palliative Care Dr. Pamela Liao presented to the provincial Standing Committee on General Government Nov. 24, 2020 in support of the Compassionate Care Act (Bill 3). If passed, Bill 3 would lead to the development of a framework to enhance access to palliative care across Ontario. As part of their presentation on Bill 3, Drs. Hill and Liao made three recommendations to strengthen and expand hospice care, including the need to:  

  • provide additional funding to rebuild the hospice system after the detrimental effect of the pandemic
  • address health equity concerns around hospice care, including regional equity
  • consider the cost effectiveness of providing palliative care in a home or hospice environment

View Bill 3, Compassionate Care Act, 2020.