Patients’ views of the health-care system

A study on what patients and caregivers want.

Patient-centred care has become an increasingly critical concept among researchers, decision-makers and health-system planners. The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the need for patient-centred care, due to the disproportionate impact of this disease on different populations.

The white paper, Patients’ Views of the Canadian Health-Care System, by the North American Observatory on Health Systems and Policies prepared for the Ontario Medical Association, provides insights into the health-care experiences and desires of patients and caregivers across multiple health and life stages.  

Across all life and health stages, five broad themes were identified. Patients have a desire for:

  1. Personalized (person-centred) care.
  2. Information on resources available and how to navigate the system.
  3. Choice in treatment, care setting and/or care provider.
  4. Holistic care and non-medical supports to overcome barriers to accessing care.
  5. Care co-ordination and care continuity.