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The OMA has a long history of advocating for the health of Ontarians on behalf of Ontario’s physicians. Our Health Promotion work is focused on public health and deals primarily with OMA engagement on issues related to injury and illness prevention. This is done through media releases, the publication of position papers, and advocacy campaigns promoting OMA policy on these issues. Health Promotion does not generally deal with policy issues related to clinical patient care; these fall under Health Policy. Clicking on the following headings will take you to pages with detailed information on various Health Promotion topics that are important to Ontarians. This site is updated frequently with additional information on staying healthy and preventing injury.

Your Health

  • Income and Health

    In November 2012, the OMA was asked to consider the role of screening for poverty in primary care settings and to provide physicians with relevant resources

  • Housing and Health

    Housing and Health

    In August 2013, Ontario’s Doctors examined the latest research and recommendations from experts in the field of safe, affordable housing and its relationship to the health of patients

  • Alcohol Harm Awarness

    Alcohol Harm Reduction

    According to the WHO, the CDC, and the Cancer Quality Council of Ontario, alcohol consumption in excess of low-risk guidelines is one of the top-four modifiable risk factors for chronic disease

  • Antibiotic Resistance

    Bacteria that are exposed to certain antibiotics can become resistant to these antibiotics and those related to them.

  • Obesity Prevention

    OMA recommendations for the treatment and prevention of Overweight and Obesity in children and adolescents.

  • Heat Preparedness

    Hot summer weather and extreme heat events (which are hot, humid days with warm nights) can put people at risk of suffering a heat illness

  • Sun Safety

    Keep your child sun safe this summer. Ultraviolet (UV) exposure and sunburns are major contributors to skin cancer. Melanoma and non-melanoma skin cancers account for more diagnoses than lung, breast, and prostate cancer combined.

  • Preventing Child Poisoning

    Preventing Child Poisoning

    Unintentional poisoning by prescription and over-the-counter medications is the second leading cause of hospitalisations among children 0-4 years old in Ontario

  • Falls Prevention

    Falling is a significant health risk for adults over age 65 in Ontario. In 2004, falls on the same level caused 88 deaths and 11,805 hospitalisations.

  • Stay Home Sick

    Stay Home Sick

    Everyone knows they should stay home from work when they’re sick with the flu, but employees are often worried about what their bosses might think.

  • Salt

    Ontario’s doctors began a new initiative to raise awareness about the dangers associated with a high salt diet, and how to reduce salt consumption.

  • Bicycle Safety

    Ontario’s doctors have long advocated that our patients find time for exercise.

  • Water Safety

    OMA has recently updated water safety policy recommendations which focus on keeping children safe.

  • Three-Month Wait for OHIP

    In April 2011, Ontario’s doctors called on the government of Ontario to remove the three-month waiting period for OHIP

  • Tanning Beds

    Ontario’s doctors call for restrictions on tanning beds to those under 19 years of age.

  • Fluoridation

    The OMA addresses some misconceptions surrounding fluoride in drinking water.

  • Anaphylaxis

    An initiative to increase public awareness about children with severe allergic reactions and to support those at risk.

  • Cell Phones and Driving

    Recent OMA research highlights the dangers of using cell phones and other electronic devices while driving.

  • Tuberculosis

    Doctors in Ontario are urging the provincial government to strengthen programs to control and prevent the spread of tuberculosis.

  • All Terrain Vehicles and Children

    ATVs pose a significant but avoidable risk of injury and death to children.

  • Tobacco

    Several medical studies show that many illnesses are directly linked to smoking and second-hand smoke.

  • Smog/Air Pollution

    Medical understanding of how smog impacts the human body has grown considerably over the past few years.

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