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News release
February 24, 2014

Ontario’s Doctors Commend Legislation Revealing Calories in Restaurant Foods

Toronto, February 24, 2014 - Ontario’s Doctors are very pleased that the provincial government has introduced legislation today that will help consumers make healthier food choices for themselves and their children.

An obesity epidemic in Ontario is seriously impacting the health outlook for our children and young adults. Calories are the currency of weight gain, but high calorie foods are not always obvious. Displaying calorie counts on the menus and menu boards of chain restaurants will put this health-beneficial information in front of patrons when they are making purchase decisions.

Ontario’s doctors have long supported menu labelling legislation. Calorie labelling will have an impact on what people eat who are concerned about their health, and we urge that all parties support its quick approval.

Ontario’s doctors will continue to work with the government on the inclusion of menu items that are high in sodium in order to help the many Ontarians who are vulnerable to high blood pressure.

Dr. Scott Wooder
Ontario Medical Association


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