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News release
October 16, 2014

Partnerships and Removal of Barriers Key to Health System of the Future, says OMA President

Welland, ON, Oct. 16, 2014 – Dr. Ved Tandan, the Ontario Medical Association President, is in Welland this evening as part of his province-wide tour where he’ll be meeting with physicians to share his vision for the health system of the future.

The annual President’s Tour is an opportunity for Dr. Tandan to meet with members in communities around Ontario to discuss areas of interest or concern. It is also an opportunity for him to further share the theme of his term with colleagues.


Dr. Tandan believes there needs to be communication not only between physicians, but that the barriers need to come down between and within all the different segments of the health system in order to enhance care for patients.


“The various parts of our system are not well aligned and I believe there is a vital role for physicians to play in creating the health system of the future,” said Dr. Tandan. “We have established strong partnerships with more than a dozen provincial organizations and we have committed to work together to facilitate a new kind of dialogue between all the relevant health care providers in a number of communities across the province. We know we all have a lot to learn from each other.”


The President’s Tour offers an excellent opportunity to advance this initiative by looking at health care challenges and solutions together.


“We know that relationships are at the heart of a high performing health care system, delivering better care and improving patient and physician satisfaction. Improving the relationships between all of the sectors that form our healthcare system such as hospitals, and other health care providers is a fundamental starting point if we are to be successful,” said Dr. Tandan.

He will make 10 stops in communities across the province on the tour, which began Sept. 11 and wraps up in November.


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