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News release
March 27, 2015

Ontario’s Doctors exploring all options to get back to the negotiating table

Toronto, ON, March 27, 2015 – It has been more than two months since the government announced it would be imposing cuts on physicians and patients.

In that time the government has remained unwilling to come back to the table to discuss our offer to freeze physician’s fees for two years if the government funds all the necessary growth.

Ontario’s doctors are already beginning to see the government’s cuts negatively impacting our patients; we know this will only get worse in the weeks and months to come. With the government unwilling to discuss our counteroffer, it is our responsibility to pursue other options to find a way to influence the government’s irresponsible approach to physician services. As a result, the OMA is exploring legal options.

These options will be discussed in detail when 300 physician leaders gather for OMA Council at the beginning of May.

Dr. Ved Tandan,
President, Ontario Medical Association