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News Release
November 05, 2021

OMA statement on threats towards doctors

TORONTO, Nov. 5, 2021—The Ontario Medical Association strongly condemns threatening or bullying behaviour toward physicians and other public health officials who are trying to keep our communities safe.

Bullying, threats, and of course any acts of violence are abhorrent and should not be tolerated.

Physicians have the responsibility to advocate on behalf of their patients to advance policies that promote the health and well-being of the population. For more than 18 months Ontario's doctors and other health-care workers have made enormous personal sacrifices, taken risks, and worked around the clock to steer us through the worst public health crisis of our generation.

Let's not lose sight of our responsibility to take care of each other. Ontario's doctors call on everyone to work together to keep our patients, families and communities safe.

About the OMA

The Ontario Medical Association represents Ontario’s 43,000-plus physicians, medical students and retired physicians, advocating for and supporting doctors while strengthening the leadership role of doctors in caring for patients. Our vision is to be the trusted voice in transforming Ontario’s health-care system.