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Ontario Medical Review
September 29, 2022

The Ontario Medical Review celebrates 100 years

Commemorative video showcases the legacy of the OMR, its members and dedicated staff

The Ontario Medical Review, better known as the OMR, marks 100 years this year, deeming it one of the oldest medical publications in Canada.

Paying homage to this, a commemorative video, recently showcased at OMA’s September town hall, illustrates the OMR’s rich history and accomplishments over the years, while capturing the memories and accolades of OMA staff, presidents (past and present), contributors and editors, who share in its evolution.

OMR’s fall 2022 centenary edition also celebrates this landmark achievement, featuring stories that honour the past and future of health care, while reflecting upon the changing priorities and dynamics of our 43,000 members and Ontario’s health-care system overall. From life-saving vaccines, transplants and cancer treatments to transformative public safety measures and policies, the OMR documents the incredible achievements and innovations of our medical community.