OMA By-Elections
OMA By-Elections

OMA Elections play a crucial role in determining the organizations leaders and it is your democratic right as an OMA member to vote for your representative. The District, Section and some Medical Interest Group elections are run yearly and are done solely online allowing for a standardized election process and a streamlined experience for our members.

Why should I run?

  • Help your profession have a voice in Ontario
  • Elected Physicians can help shape the Legislation in Ontario that impacts Doctors, Ontario Health Care and, most importantly, our patients
  • Help effect change and shape the future of the OMA

Why should I vote?

  • Voting for your District and Section representative is your right as an OMA member
  • Choosing who represents you can effect change and shape the future of the OMA
  • The representatives who are elected are your voice both with other OMA leaders and with the Government

Election Dates

* Dates that fall on a weekend or statutory holiday shall be deemed to be the next business day after that date

Nomination Period

June 4th – June 18th  


Voting: June 25th – July 9th

Job Duties and Responsibilities

Roles & Responsibilities: Sections

Responsibilities, qualifications and time commitment requirements surrounding OMA Section positions

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District and Section By-Election Procedure

All by-elections are conducted in accordance with this procedure

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