Meet Your MPPs
Contact your MPP today and tell them how cuts to care impact you and your patients.
Meet Your MPPs
Contact your MPP today and tell them how cuts to care impact you and your patients.

To set up a meeting with your elected official, please email

Helpful Hints When Meeting with an Elected Official

Be knowledgeable.  Learn the basic facts about your elected officials and the area he or she represents.

Be prompt.  Arrive early for the meeting and don’t run over the agreed time limit unless the elected official agrees to do so.

Be polite and professional with the elected official’s office staff. They are the gatekeepers and their opinion of you will factor into your ability to get a meeting, how long the meeting goes, and whether you get a follow up meeting.

Be prepared. Review the OMA key messages.  You should also give some thought to topics you have in common:

  • Have you been involved in the same or similar local community groups?
  • Do you have children of a similar age?
  • Do you know someone that knows them?
  • Do you have a story about seeing them at a community event or in the media?
  • Starting a meeting with some common ground will set the tone for a positive interaction and help build your relationship.

Be brief.  Stick to the key messages and how the cuts affect you and your patients and stay focused.

Be responsive.  Be positive and professional.  Be prepared to answer questions and provide additional information.   If you are asked questions that you do not have the answer to, let the elected official know that you will follow up with an answer as soon as possible.  Contact the OMA staff for any additional information you may need.  ASK for a commitment.

Follow up.   Follow up with a thank you card and email that outlines the points of discussion within 10 days of meeting.  Write to Angela Jonsson at the OMA and let her know how the meeting went. 


  • Keep it local! Focus on how this issue impacts voters in your community.
  • Follow up.  Let the OMA know how your meeting goes.
  • Plan the next contact. This is the first step in building your relationship. Remember this is a relationship you want to develop so should be the first in a series of meetings with this person. 
  • Don’t expect results immediately. Results come in time, usually after many meetings. 
  • Leave your business cards and be sure to get the business cards from the elected official and their staff.
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