Leading high-performance culture
Leading high-performance culture

Leading high performance culture

Learn to understand and leverage corporate culture

Paying attention to culture when leading change initiatives and implementing strategy is an often neglected yet critical aspect of leadership. Over 70% of change initiatives fail due to the lack of appropriate attention to organizational culture. Effective leaders have an awareness and understanding of the underlying organizational culture dynamics, and are able to leverage them for success.

With cutting-edge research and relevant case studies, this course will reveal how organizational culture impacts most aspects of leadership. It will assist both formal and informal physician leaders to assess and impact their organizational culture. Participants will learn specific strategies to design and shape the culture in more intentional directions, while managing the risks of culture dynamics. The course will emphasize “hands-on”, practical application to help establish effective leadership skills and processes that cultivate healthy cultures that help support change initiatives and promote innovation in various contexts, from work groups to larger programs or sites.

At the end of this PLI course, you will be able to:
  • Understand how the (physician) leader connects strategy, culture and leadership
  • Lead change initiatives through a cultural framework that identifies the current and ideal future states
  • Leverage culture to enhance workplace relationships and promote innovation
  • Create a culture sustainment strategy to align the system, build (leadership and front-line) capability, integrate a culture measurement system, and manage misaligned behaviours
Course date:
  • April 10 – 11, 2019 – OMA, Tupper dinning room

2 days

Maximum class size:

30 participants

Faculty team:

Paul Mohapel

Monica Olsen