Release of Physician Billings Data Confirms High Patient Demand and Commitment of Ontario's Doctors
Release of Physician Billings Data Confirms High Patient Demand and Commitment of Ontario's Doctors
April 11, 2019

Release of Physician Billings Data Confirms High Patient Demand and Commitment of Ontario's Doctors

Ontario’s physicians care for more than 300,000 patients every day. They are committed to the health and well-being of every resident of this province. The physician billings released today, as a result of the Supreme Court of Canada’s decision not to grant leave to appeal, clearly shows the demand for health care services and the time, commitment and dedication of Ontario’s doctors to providing this care.

It is important to keep in mind that:

  • Every billing represents a distinct health care service delivered to patients in Ontario.

    These physicians can only bill for every patient they examine, every test they interpret, or every procedure they perform. Every billing submitted means one more Ontario resident treated, and one fewer patient waiting for a needed service. The priority for Ontario’s doctors is to treat and care for more patients, not less.

  • Ontario’s doctors are committed to working with the Government of Ontario to improve the delivery of care for patients and end hallway medicine.

    We are committed to working with government to improve how health care services are delivered to reduce both costs and waiting lists. For example, the OMA recommended and was granted the formation of a joint Appropriateness Working Group.

  • The amount a physician bills for a service is not their salary or take-home pay.

    From their OHIP billings, physicians must pay for professional and support staff salaries, office space, supplies and equipment, all of which are needed to treat patients. On average, these expenses account for 30 percent of the amount billed, however this can be as high as 50 percent.

Ontario patients will continue to be the top priority of Ontario’s 31,500 doctors. We look forward to working with the provincial government and all of our partners in the system to deliver the health care Ontarians need and deserve.

Ontario’s Growing & Aging Population = Increasing Demand for Services

14.2 million Ontarians

63+ million
visits to specialists last year

124 million
total physician visits last year

1 Diagnostic Radiologist
for every 12,170 Ontarians

1 Cardiologist
for every 22,490 Ontarians

1 Ophthalmologist
for every 29,020 Ontarians

1 General Surgeon
for every 16,520 Ontarians

1 Family Physician
for every 1,445 Ontarians

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The Economic Contribution of Ontario's Doctors

Ontario's doctors treat 340,000+ patients per day


of funds that doctors receive
from OHIP billings (the government)
are spent on running their clinics:

Staff Salaries

Office Space

Office Supplies

Medical Supplies

ONE doctor contributes to 4 or more full-time jobs in their community

Ontario's doctors pay for and contribute to Ontario's economy

full-time jobs created
in Ontario

$5.5 billion
GDP in Ontario's

$1.4 billion
municipal, provincial, and
federal government taxes

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