Statement from Dr. Nadia Alam
Statement from Dr. Nadia Alam
May 2, 2018

"I am deeply sorry for the hurt we have caused any Indigenous community.

The fact that this on-the-spot motion to acknowledge territorial rights didn’t pass should not reflect negatively on the many doctors we represent who do much-needed work with First Nations communities in Ontario.

Doctors across Canada have committed to transforming our health-care system to one which includes an indigenous voice and understand that health care must take into account the culture of those who receive it.

I can commit to you that the Ontario Medical Association will be playing a role going forward by engaging with Provincial Territorial Organization Affiliations to join the dialogue on these issues. In addition, I will speak with our Board about ways in which we can advance discussions like those had at the Canadian Medical Association sponsored Public Policy Forum conference on Indigenous health. I can also assure you that our discussions and findings will be brought back to Council as promised, so that they can engage in this meaningful process.

Our doctors have seen first-hand that health is currently not a right afforded to all and we are in a unique position to take action to change that.”

Dr. Nadia Alam, OMA President