MAID/Conscience Rights, Advantages Retirement Plan, OHT Town Hall
MAID/Conscience Rights, Advantages Retirement Plan, OHT Town Hall
August 11, 2019
President's Update

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Eid – al – Adha Mubarak to our Muslim Colleagues

Advantages Retirement Plan
Read the next issue of the Ontario Medical Review – and watch this space – for information on the Advantages Retirement Plan, a new product for Ontario physicians and spouses that combines the critical elements of other workplace-based retirement plans with a design built to meet the needs of physicians and their spouses.
Update on MAID/Conscience Rights
Members continue to express concerns about the CPSO’s “Effective Referral” policy, with respect to Medical Assistance in Dying (MAID). Many members feel that forcing a referral against a physician’s conscience rights is a violation of individual rights and freedoms. Other members feel that a referral is simply an administrative task. In light of this, I spoke to the staff at the MAID Care Co-ordination Service recently. I was informed that:
  • ANY patient or family member can call the Care Co-Ordination Service Number for MAID  (1-866-286-4023)
  • ANY patient can request an assessment for MAID via that phone number
  • ANY patient who requests an assessment for MAID via that number will get an assessment without a formal referral from their physician.
It would therefore seem that it is not necessary for physicians to do a formal referral (sending a written consult note, with billing number, etc.) for patients to access a MAID assessment, in all cases. This service is available for any patients who want it, so it’s not as if not doing a formal referral will in any way impede patients who want this service. 
Obviously, this does not mean a physician can impede or obstruct a patient from accessing MAID (whether you agree with it or not it is a legal service that some patients request). This does beg the question of why the CPSO policy on this issue is called “Effective Referral,” when a formal referral is not required. OMA staff (via the CPSO Task Torce) will follow up on this issue.

OHT Town Hall, August 15
On Thursday, August 15 at 7 pm, the OMA will host another member information session on Ontario Health Teams. Join staff from OMA Policy, Legal and OntarioMD to learn more about OHT governance, digital support, and mapping/matchmaking. To register, click here. You can send your questions in advance to

Ontario’s Doctors Rock!

Sohail Gandhi
President, Ontario Medical Association