Board of Directors

Learn about the OMA Board of Directors

OMA Board of Directors

The OMA Board has the legal and fiduciary responsibility to manage the affairs of the corporation with a view to the best interests of the membership.

The Board of Directors is responsible for managing the corporate affairs of the Association and for making decisions that affect members in their professional capacity between Council meetings.

OMA Executive Committee

Dr. Samantha Hill, OMA President

Dr. Adam Kassam, OMA President-Elect

Dr. Timothy Nicholas, Chair, OMA Board of Director

District Directors

District 1: Dr. Albert Ng, Windsor

District 2: Dr. Silvia Orsini, Komoka; Dr. Denise Wexler, London

District 3: Dr. Paul Conte, Kitchener

District 4: Dr. James F. Kovacs, Burlington; Dr. Richard Tytus, Hamilton

District 5: Dr. Timothy Nicholas, Aurora; Dr. John Tracey, Brampton

District 6: Dr. Melissa Holowaty, Marmora

District 7: Dr. Veronica Legnini, Kingston

District 8: Dr. Tonja Stothart, Nepean; Dr. Lee Donohue, Ottawa

District 9: Dr. Stephen Kosar, Sudbury

District 10: Dr. David Mutrie, Thunder Bay

District 11: Dr. Noah Ditkofsky, Toronto; Dr. Rachel Forman, Toronto; Dr. Audrey Karlinsky, Toronto; Dr. Christopher Jyu, Scarborough, Toronto; Dr. David Esser, Toronto

Directors Elected by Council

Dr. Sohail Gandhi, GP Assembly

Dr. Samantha Hill, Surgical Assembly

Dr. Cynthia Walsh, Diagnostic Assembly

Dr. Rosemary Zacharias, GP Assembly

Dr. Gregory Rose, Medical Assembly

OMA Past President

Dr. Sohail Gandhi

Academic Representative

Dr. D. Blake Woodside, Toronto


Section of Residents Chair: TBD

Section of Medical Students: TBD


Chair: Dr. Sanjay Acharya (Ottawa)

Vice-Chair: Dr. Paul Hacker (Ottawa)