The 2021 Shoebox Project Initiative

The Shoebox Project is a joint virtual fundraising initiative between the OMA and OMF to support women living in shelters, on the streets, or in under-housed situations.

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The OMA and the OMF are committed to raising funds that will be distributed to women living in shelters and in under-housed situations across the province through the Shoebox Project Initiative.

This is the fourth year that OMA and OMF have partnered to support the Shoebox Project with this initiative honouring the late Dr. Elana Fric who was an active OMA member and Council Delegate and in memory of Keira Kagan, daughter of Dr. Jennifer Kagan.

Once again, this year’s fundraising efforts will be generously matched by the OMA up to $10,000. The campaign begins Thursday, Nov. 25 and ends on Friday, Dec. 10. 

A snapshot of past fundraising efforts

Shoebox Project donations

With your help, we hope to support as many women as possible.

* The OMF will provide full tax receipts for all donations of $20 or more.

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In 2020, the OMA and OMF Shoebox Project Initiative raised funds that supported 621 women across the province as part of the Shoebox Project’s larger outreach campaign.  

This year with your help, we hope to increase our support and assist as many women as possible.

What is The Shoebox Project?

The Shoebox Project for Women, supported by Dream, collects and distributes gift-filled Shoeboxes to women who are living in shelters, on the streets or in other under-housed situations. Each shoebox gift is valued at $50 and filled with warm mittens and hats, hygiene products, gift cards and hand-written messages of encouragement.

The Shoebox Project is committed to spreading joy and a sense of belonging to women affected by homelessness. Gifts will continue to be a powerful reminder for a woman that she is not forgotten, and that she remains a valued and respected member of her community.