The 2022 Shoebox Project campaign

Thank you for supporting the 2022 Shoebox Project campaign


Thanks to your support, this year we helped 503 women purchase basic living essentials.


Thanks to the incredible support received, including the generous match of $10,000 from the OMA, the OMF raised a total of $27,395.78 giving a sense of hope to women in need across Ontario.

This simple act of kindness continues to be a powerful reminder for women that they are not alone and have a strong community behind them.

For the past five years, the OMF has supported the Shoebox Project for Women in memory of Dr. Elana Fric, who was an active OMA member and council delegate, and Keira Kagan, daughter of Dr. Jennifer Kagan, an OMA member.

Through a partnership with organizations like the Shoebox Project, the OMF will continue its work to advance health equity and support those most affected by social determinants of health.

Thanks to the heartfelt support and incredible engagement from OMA members, staff and donors across the province this initiative has raised $92,400 since 2018.

The campaign ended on Monday, Dec. 5.

The Shoebox Project Campaign

OMF Shoebox Project initiative is now closed. If you still wish to support The Shoebox Project, you can donate directly through their website.

Support the Shoebox Project

The Shoebox Project for Women, supported by Dream, collects, and distributes gift-filled shoe boxes to women who are living in shelters, on the streets or other under housed situations. The Shoebox Project volunteers distribute these gifts to local women’s shelters and community agencies serving women impacted by homelessness across Ontario.