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In memoriam
Feb. 13, 2024

Dr. Paul Julius Warbeck

Paul Julius Warbeck, 71, died peacefully at home in Prince George B.C. on Feb. 13 2024 with his life partner Penny at his side. Though he still had so much to offer, Paul lived a remarkable life guided by his tenacious spirit, fierce intellect and generous heart.

Paul was fascinated by the world and was a lifelong learner. His deep knowledge ranged from philosophy, history, art and literature to physics and cutting-edge science. He could identify a piece of classical music or a spoken language within seconds of hearing it and discuss particle physics at length. Paul read and wrote beautiful poetry, was a talented photographer and taught himself technical skills as a hobbyist including mountaineering, alpine skiing, rock-climbing and fossil-hunting. Anyone close to him would find themselves collectors of rocks and marvelling at the wonders they held.

Frequently, Paul’s interests dovetailed with his thrill-seeking tendencies - he enjoyed explaining the engineering that allowed his motorcycle to accelerate from 0-60 km in seconds and how that differed from his beloved Boxster. As a father, he delighted in educating his children, spending long hours reading books aloud (his witch voice remains unrivalled), identifying the inhabitants of tidal pools and helping them learn how to constantly challenge their assumptions to become skilled critical thinkers.

Paul cared deeply about many things, was an activist on environmental and social issues as early as the late 60’s and was formidable in debate. He was passionate about the importance of sustained civic discourse and he abhorred violence. Ultimately, Paul dedicated his life to serving our common humanity and planetary well-being. As a northern rural family physician, Paul was highly regarded by his colleagues and patients. Even patients he treated only once remarked on his attentiveness, exceptional skills and personable demeanour. He was an inimitable advocate who refused to allow complex medical challenges to dictate the quality of care his patients received. As a matter of routine practice, he committed substantial time to reviewing patient records, putting together the clinical story and conducting any necessary medical research to resolve long-standing ailments for patients the health-system was failing.

In his personal life, Paul was abundantly loving and generous. He delighted in sharing food, including stashing treats in his loved ones’ belongings (“for emergencies”) and filling the arms of guests on their way out the door. He maintained a treasury of books to give as surprise gifts to children. With his friends he shared a love of art, poetry and beautiful things.

Paul is survived by his life partner Penny; children Caitlin, Lauren and Marin; grandchildren Violet and Sylvan; brothers William Theodore Warbeck and John Alexander Warbeck, nephews Brett and Joel and niece Cassandra. Paul was preceded in death by his beloved brother George Dudley Warbeck. He is dearly missed by all those who loved him and had the good fortune to be loved by him.

Paul did not wish a funeral, however, his family welcomes messages via the virtual guestbook of Assman's Funeral Chapel. Donations are not requested, if desired donations can be made to Oxfam, Stephen Lewis Foundation, your local food bank, David Suzuki Foundation, the Tolstoy Society of North America, all of which Paul supported.