General Assembly charters and position descriptions

The General Assembly charters and position descriptions were brought forward to OMA Council for approval as part of the Governance Transformation recommendations in 2020.

The creation, review and approval of the charters and descriptions was a joint effort of the external consultants, staff, GT20 members and Council Governance Steering Committee members.

The OMA Board of Directors approved the charters and descriptions unanimously at its Oct. 22, 2020, meeting.

The General Assembly is composed of entities that are collaborative, diverse and empowered to support the OMA’s priority and policy-generating process.

Here’s a closer look at the charters and position descriptions, which are critical in delivering and upholding effective governance by defining its mandates, roles and responsibilities.

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The General Assembly is responsible for making recommendations to the Board of Directors based on the priorities set by the Priority and Leadership Group.

Networks promote co-operation knowledge and resource sharing, and issue identification.

The General Assembly panels oversee development of solutions-focused recommendations for the board.

The General Assembly Steering Committee ensures the General Assembly fulfills its mandate and has transparent communications.

The General Assembly working groups develop policy positions and recommendations alongside OMA staff.

The Priority and Leadership Group delegates and entity members represent diverse views of members and provide input on priority setting.