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Why family physicians are leaving practice and what needs to be done

OMA President Dr. Andrew Park hosted a panel including two family physicians who shared first-hand accounts about making the difficult decision to leave full-time family medicine practices and moving to other areas of medicine.

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Doctor sitting down talking to a patient
Sudbury Star

What happened in the Sault could happen in Sudbury, elsewhere, top doc warns

OMA President Dr. Andrew Park warns that a recent orphaning of thousands of patients from their family doctors in the Sault could be repeated elsewhere in the region.

Toronto Star

'Beyond crisis levels': Why Ontario doctors are fleeing family medicine

The Ontario Medical Association is sounding the alarm about the increasing number of family physicians leaving practice.

A doctor's examination room with an examination table and equipment
CTV News

Ontario’s primary health care system 'beyond crisis levels' as 1 in 4 will soon be without family doctor: OMA

The Ontario Medical Association is sounding the alarm about a growing family doctor shortage in Ontario.

A man sits at a desk while holding his hand to his head
National Post

Canada's family doctor shortage: 10 million will soon lack access to primary care

Family doctors are retiring and moving into other areas of medicine warns the OMA.

Ottawa Citizen

Adam: Ontario must solve the family-doctor shortage, and quickly

A family physician is a small-business person struggling with high costs and overhead. Many find that their practice has become stressful and is no longer viable.

Ottawa Citizen

Many family doctors poised to leave practices if no action from government, says OMA

A day after a prominent Ottawa family doctor announced he is burnt out and leaving his practice, doctors with the OMA warned there could be many more like him if urgent action isn’t taken by the provincial government.

The Sault Star

'It's going to get worse': OMA sounds the alarm on physician exodus

The OMA speaks to a Wawa doctor who reveals she left full-time practice due to burnout, administrative busywork and lack of funding

‘We’re in desperate need of doctors’: Simcoe County municipalities compete for docs, while pool of family physicians shrinks

OMA warns administrative burden and finances causing family docs to quit.

Soo Today

'Gut-wrenching': OMA demands action after Group Health drops 10K patients

The Ontario Medical Association is sounding the alarm over news that another 10,000 Group Health Centre patients will lose access to their primary care provider .