Practice Announcement Service

Use this OMA member service to spread the word about your new practice or location

The Practice Announcement Service, available exclusively to Ontario Medical Association members, is a valuable tool to help you quickly build your referral base.

If you are opening a new practice, joining an existing practice, moving practice location or changing your scope of practice, this service can help you communicate the news.

Note: This service does not include promotion or general advertising of a practice’s offerings.

How the service works

The announcement is sent by postal mail to physician office addresses in a particular territorial division. Our knowledgeable staff will consult with you over the phone regarding your target region and audience, which will help determine how many announcements are mailed.

The announcement should include the following essential information:

  • Physician name and practice location
  • Clear “New Practice” or “New Scope of Practice" statement as a headline
  • Contact information, such as telephone, fax, etc.
  • Specialty and subspecialties if applicable
  • Areas for which referrals are being accepted, for example, orthopedic surgery, knee surgery only)
  • Estimated timeframe for contacting referring physician/patient

The new Practice Announcement guidelines provide more detail about the design of your communication.

Practice Announcement Service fees

Since the communications are sent by postal mail, there are fees to use this service. Some of these depend on the number of announcements mailed out.


Unit Price

Delivery to post office (may increase based on number of addresses pulled)



$0.10 /per envelope

Photocopy b/w (Single sided)

$0.05 each

Photocopying colour (Single sided)

$0.20 each

Postage (CAN #10 envelope up to 30 grams)

$0.525 each (over 100)

$0.92 each (up to 100)

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