Governance policies

Governance policies are those that affect how the OMA is governed by its members.

As part of the governance transformation, the OMA is conducting a detailed review of its constituency groups, including sections, districts, branch societies, medical interest groups, and fora. Any new governance policy material related to these groups will be uploaded as available.

Note: the creation of new MIGs is currently on hold until after the constituency governance review is complete.

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Ontario’s Not-for-Profit Corporations Act

Ontario’s Not-for-Profit Corporations Act, 2010 was proclaimed into force on Oct. 19, 2021. The legislation included a three-year transition period for not-for-profit corporations to review and amend existing corporate documents to comply with the new legislation. 

The OMA’s corporate documents already meet many of the requirements set out under the act. However, given that the act is now officially in effect, the OMA will need to pass several amendments to the existing Letters Patent (referred to as Articles of Incorporation under ONCA) and the OMA bylaws in advance of the October 2024 legislative deadline to comply. 

In the fall of 2023, the OMA Board of Directors approved the following principles and scope of amendments, providing guidance to staff on the direction of changes to align with the act:

  • As the OMA has recently completed its major governance transformation, no major changes to governance structure will be pursued at this time
  • Amendments will be limited to the articles of incorporation and bylaws that are necessary to comply with the act, minor practical housekeeping matters

On Feb. 9, the Governance and Nominating Committee (GNC) reviewed and endorsed the recommended amendments.

On March 27, the board approved the GNC’s proposed changes to the OMA bylaws and Letters Patent/Articles of Incorporation.

The most updated bylaws as confirmed by members at the 2024 AGM.

The most updated articles of incorporation as confirmed by members at the 2024 AGM.

The OMA has adopted a set of best practices to establish an effective governance structure.

Outlines expectations for directors in providing leadership in support of the OMA’s objectives and goals.

Parameters for the OMA Board Directors in their use of social media.

Guidelines for outside individuals who wish to observe proceedings or participate in discussion.

Procedures for dealing with conflict and potential mediation or investigations.

This policy describes the requirements and procedures for in-camera sessions. It applies to meetings of the OMA Board of Directors and any other OMA group, including committee, constituency group, or task force, that may hold an in-camera session.

This policy applies to appointments to all OMA committees (except board committees), task forces, panels and working groups as well as OMA member appointments made to external bodies.

Published: May 3, 2023  |  Last updated: May 10, 2024