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The OMA Memory Project

past and present women OMA members

The OMA Memory Project is an archiving program based on member contributions to celebrate the OMA's past, present and future.

For more than 140 years, OMA members, past and present have had experiences that have added to the OMA’s collective memory. With the creation of the Memory Project, we will be recording, capturing and archiving the memories and reflections of our members, allowing us to share the knowledge and experiences with the entire association.

Women Leaders Memory Project

The Women Leaders Memory Project is an archiving initiative based on member contributions that capture and celebrate the history of women physicians and document their unique experiences in the medical field. 

This is your opportunity to help us capture and showcase the contributions you have made, as a women physician, to improve health care for Ontarians and the medical field. If you have a memorable story to tell or an interesting photo or video, please submit them to us.

Dr. Rose Zacharias shares highlights of the Women Leaders Memory Project

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If you have any questions or comments, please contact us at

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We invite you to share your memories, stories, photos and videos with the Women Leaders Memory Project.

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Recommend a woman physician leader

Want to recognize a woman leader for their contributions to health care in Ontario? Share their name(s) with the Memory Project team and they will be contacted directly.

The Council Memory Project was launched in 2021 and was designed to celebrate the history of council. Every OMA member, past and present, has a story that contributes to the OMA’s collective memory. With the final meeting of council taking place virtually during a global pandemic and with the introduction of the general assembly, the Council Memory Project was our opportunity to engage the membership and to reflect on past stories, achievements, and share visions for the future.