Learn about resources and support available to resident members.


As a resident in Ontario, the OMA is here to support you both personally and professionally through all your successes and challenges.

Health system and advocacy

As a member of the OMA, your voice matters. We work closely with our elected leaders to represent member interests. From negotiating payment contracts with the province to creating value-added professional services.

Our efforts have never been more important as we work together with the government and all our health care partners.

We provide ongoing training and support to help you find your voice and lead transformation through programs and services, such as Speakers Bureau and more.

“Residency is a series of incrementally increasing responsibilities. Study hard, work harder, learn from not only your mistakes (you will make them) but that of others’ as well. Do it with intent. You will emerge a stronger, wiser version of yourself.” —Dr. Samantha Hill, past-president, Ontario Medical Association

Experience all the OMA has to offer

The OMA represents more than 43,000 practicing physicians, residents and medical students. OMA’s programs and services focus on key issues that impact your success. When you join the OMA, you get access to a wide variety of benefits and programs tailored to your needs at every stage of your career:

  • Fee negotiations and related economic interests
  • Health policy and professional advocacy
  • Legal services
  • Exclusive products and services

Practice management support

The OMA provides practice management and professional support to help you get your practice started and assist you throughout your medical career.

Through your membership, you have access to practice management resources, including a locum resource page with guides, checklists and tools on becoming a locum, job opportunities and creating locum contracts, all designed to support a smooth transition.

Also available to help you start your practice on the right foot is The Resident Transition Wednesday program. In collaboration with several health-care organizations, this webinar series provides residents with the fundamentals and practical skills needed to build a successful career and an efficient medical practice.

Get exclusive on-demand web-based learning through the OMA’s Education Network. Learning modules offered through this program that meet CME requirements are accredited.

Contact to learn more about these services and for the Starting a Practice toolkit or complimentary Early in Practice seminars.

Member Advantages

With your OMA membership, you have access to exclusive member benefits and discounts to help you save money and save for the future that you deserve.

Take advantage of the services and programs that have been designed just for you.

Physician Health Program

Residency is deeply rewarding. At times, it is difficult and psychologically demanding. Resilience is optimized by self-care, caring for each other and an openness to professional support.

The OMA’s Physician Health Program (PHP) offers you a confidential service that can personally curate mental health support for your needs.

Contact PHP at 1-800-851-6606 (Monday to Friday 8:45 a.m. to 5 p.m.) or email

OMA Insurance

Resident members have access to OMA Insurance, an insurance agency operating on a not-for-profit basis –providing a wide range of insurance and retirement savings solutions for resident and physician members. Our non-commissioned staff offer objective advice and service with the right insurance coverage at every stage of your career.

Most popular among residents is the $4,500 per month of Disability Insurance, which includes a special arrangement with PARO making it the only plan that may be paid in addition to your Ontario resident association group disability benefits.

Apply online now or connect with an insurance advisor.

Check out other solutions that residents are interested in:

Advantages Retirement Plan

The Advantages Retirement Plan™ is an award-winning, first-of-its-kind in Canada group retirement savings plan designed exclusively for residents, physicians, medical students, and their spouses or common-law partners brought to you by OMA Insurance.

As a resident, finding a financial balance among many competing motivations and demands can be a challenge. But that doesn’t mean that retirement savings must remain on the back burner during residency. With the Advantages Retirement Plan™, you can start off with savings of as little as $100 per month.

Contact an ARP Specialist, Yash Khubchandani or Guillermo Nafarrate to learn more.

OMA Advantages

The OMA Advantages Program has member-exclusive offers on travel, fitness, cellphones and much more. Including:

  • Goodlife
  • Porter Airlines
  • VIA Rail
  • Telus
  • Hotels


The Memberperks Discount Program gets you access to over 3,000 discounts on day-to-day items and services through Venngo. Including:

  • Apparel
  • Dining & Food
  • Entertainment
  • Travel


OMA’s legal services department helps physicians with:

  • Incorporation services
  • Negotiation of primary care and alternate payment plan contracts
  • Practice-related issues, including general medical-legal matters
  • Contract review with hospitals, universities, clinics, or other institutions for employees or independent contractors

Your association

We are stronger and louder when we work together. Through the OMA, we offer programs and publications to help you succeed, stay connected and informed:

  • OMA News
  • Ontario Medical Review
  • OMA podcasts
  • OMA Exchange
  • OMA mobile app 

Section of Residents

The OMA Section of Residents represents nearly 4,000 resident physicians in Ontario.

The section is represented by an executive committee that is elected by its membership. They carry out the section’s key objectives in liaison with the Professional Association of Residents of Ontario.

OMA Awards

Founded in 1921, the OMA Awards program recognizes the work of physicians, residents and medical students in Ontario.

Individuals are awarded for outstanding contributions of service to the Ontario Medical Association, the medical profession, medical science or the common good.

Award recipients are celebrated annually at the OMA awards ceremony, held at the annual general meeting in spring, or through local events dependent on the award category.