Primary Care models

Alternate funding for family physicians practicing in comprehensive care

The creation of several Patient Enrolment Models (PEM) was intended to restructure health care in a manner that would accomplish several goals:

  • Improve patient access to primary care 
  • Provide continuity of care from a consistent group of providers
  • Increase the quality of care through enrolment of patients
  • Stabilize and formalize the patient/physician relationship through patient enrolment 
  • Improve the quality of life and working conditions as a result of physicians working as a team
  • Increase remunerations for physicians

Comprehensive Care model

The Comprehensive Care Model (CCM) is an initiative designed to encourage physicians to provide comprehensive primary health care to their patients and to reward them for doing so. Compensation is based on individual fee-for-service billing with incentives and enhanced fees. Access the resources for an understanding of the CCM.

Family Health Group

A Family Health Group (FHG) is a collaborative comprehensive primary care delivery model involving three or more physicians practicing together. The physicians participating in the group need not be located in the same physical office space but must be within reasonable distance to facilitate care. Physicians practicing in an FHG model will be rewarded for delivering comprehensive primary care through payment incentives for a wide range of services. Access the bulletins, forms, articles, contracts and resources to facilitate an understanding of the FHG.

Family Health Network

Family Health Network physicians are responsible for providing, co-ordinating or overseeing, as appropriate, the Family Health Network services provisions to patients across Ontario.

Family Health Organization

Family Health Team

Family Health Organization (FHO) physicians are responsible for providing, co-ordinating or overseeing, as appropriate, the provisions of the FHO Services to patients across Ontario.

Rural and Northern Physician Group Agreement