COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy resources

A collection of tools and resources to address questions and concerns about the COVID-19 vaccine with your patients and staff.

Building vaccine confidence to ensure widespread vaccination is a key step to end the COVID-19 pandemic. These tools and resources are designed to provide you with information and support around building vaccine confidence.

COVID-19 vaccine information

Information about the vaccine, including emerging vaccine-related topics of interest.

Government of Canada

University of Toronto DFCM & OCFP

Patient outreach

Information and tools that you can use with patients to build vaccine confidence.

Centre for Effective Practice

University of Calgary

19 To Zero

Scarborough Health Network

Resources for children and youth

Tools to support your conversations with children, youth and their parents around vaccination.


Centre for Effective Practice

Students for Herd Immunity

Ages 0.5 to 11

Sick Kids

Pediatrics Section, OMA

Ontario Association of Children’s Aid Societies

Centre for Effective Practice

University of Waterloo School of Pharmacy

Ages 12 to 17

Unity Health Toronto & OACAS

Vaccine hesitancy in marginalized communities

Individuals from marginalized communities can face added barriers to vaccination. Resources specific to Indigenous, Black and South Asian communities support a culturally competent approach to building vaccine confidence.

Indigenous communities

Centre for Effective Practice


Indigenous Primary Health Care Council

Black communities


Centre for Effective Practice

South Asian communities

South Asian Health Network