Relocating your practice

Things to consider prior to moving your practice

Physicians move practices for various reasons. Regardless of your reasons for moving, you must consider your patient, legal, business and professional obligations.

The information provided is aimed at making you aware of some of the necessary tasks when you relocate. OMA encourages you to seek advice from physicians, who have relocated. They can offer tips, help you avoid pitfalls, and raise issues that you may not have considered.

Understanding the process will allow you to have a smoother move.

Considerations when relocating a practice


The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario Closing a practice patient notification guidelines also apply for relocation of your practice.

You must provide your patients with at least 90 days' notice by letter, email, phone call or in person.

When considering which channel is best for you, consider the balance of time (visits/calls) and cost (postal mail). If possible, delegate notification to your office staff. Update your new location, on your website, voicemail, email signature and business letters.

You must take reasonable steps to arrange for the ongoing care of patients when a practice is relocated, and patients are unable or choose not to move with the practice.

You should notify other health-care professionals such as:

  • Commonly referred/ referring physicians
  • Hospitals/long-term care homes, where you have privileges (on-call group)
  • Medical laboratories and diagnostic facilities
  • Local pharmacies

Health Report Manager

Just like the post office, HRM needs to know where to deliver your reports.

Moving? Switching internet providers? Changing your internet plan? Choosing a new EMR?

These scenarios could potentially mean a change to your IT delivery address, disrupting your HRM feed and stopping your reports from hospitals and specialty clinics.

HRM only delivers to locations it trusts, so don’t forget to notify OMD at when making a change.

They need a minimum of seven business days from the time they receive your complete request with a valid IP address to ensure you don’t experience any disruptions to report delivery.


Depending on your new location, you may need to advertise in the new community.

  • Use the OMA Practice Announcement Service to let other physicians in your area know about your relocation. One-page announcements are distributed to the OMA’s territorial divisions/branch societies via postal mail. There is a cost for this service. Specialists can indicate any subspecialties and provide a general timeframe for informing the referring doctor and/or patient
  • Specialists could connect with local family physicians to inform them
  • Family physicians could: 
    • Connect with pharmacies and diagnostic imaging centers in the community
    • Enroll in Healthcare Connect, a government initiative to connect family physicians and patients
    • Consider a mailout to the local community but be mindful of the cost
    • Ask patients to refer you and have signs in your office

Note: All promotional communication must adhere to CPSO's Advertising and Social Media guidelines.

  • Notify OHIP: The Ministry of Health (OHIP office where you submit claims) requires 30 days advance notice of any changes to your banking arrangements, practice and/or mailing address. You will need to complete, print, sign and submit a change of address form to the ministry.
  • Insurance: Contact your insurance provider to update your insurance.
  • Cost of moving: You may want to discuss the potential impact of moving on your finances with your financial adviser. Consider:
    • The cost of moving (e.g. moving, cost of getting new furniture, cost of updating utilities, loss of income for a short period, as you settle)
    • The expenses of the two different sites (e.g., rent, utilities, property taxes)

You will need to notify any business vendors you work with. For example:

  • Utilities (e.g., electricity, internet, water, telephone)
    • A big challenge when moving is the disruption that could affect patient results that arrive via fax and mail

Moving fax/phone lines: Work with your service provider to find ways to move the fax/phone line with as little or no interruption as possible (often when traffic is low). You will need to discuss how much downtime to anticipate and determine a plan for what happens to faxes that occur in the interim. Some options may include:

  • Porting your fax line to an electronic service and not a fax machine.
  • Contacting some of the major health-care providers (e.g., labs, hospitals) you liaise with and inform them of the expected disruption
  • Canada Post
    • Request your mail be forwarded for a year. The year can also be used to reduce paper test results as much as possible. It may take several requests for some organizations to update your address/fax/phone numbers on their system
  • Medical and office supply vendors (gloves, business cards, prescription pads, etc.)
  • Linen service
  • Janitorial service
  • Landscaping service
  • Hazardous waste removal service

You may need to determine what to do with your office equipment and furniture.

  • Will you be taking it to your new location?
  • If not, you may consider selling, donating or transferring it to other physicians

OMA’s Starting a practice checklist can aid you as you set up your new location.

This may also be a great time to reflect on your practice and consider changes to improve efficiency in your clinic and/or implement a healthy work-life balance schedule.

Relocating your practice guide

Information that you need to think about prior to relocating your practice.

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