Hourly rate calculator

The physician hourly rate calculator is an interactive tool developed by the OMA’s Uninsured Services Committee to assist physicians in determining an hourly rate for uninsured services, based on gross annual income

Step 1: Annual gross earnings

Input your annual earnings in the appropriate fields to generate 'Total annual gross earnings.'

Note: All OHIP payment figures will automatically be adjusted by the OMA multiplier to obtain the uninsured value of the payments.

Annual gross OHIP payments:

  • Fee-for-service
  • Primary care
  • Alternate funding arrangements

Annual income from other sources:

  • Salary
  • WSIB payments
  • Stipends or Alternate funding arrangements

Other annual income:

  • Uninsured billings
  • Other (Miscellaneous)

Step 2 - Working days per year

Input the number of vacation days taken per year to generate 'Total working days per year' (e.g. 25).

  • Statutory holidays per year
  • Vacation days per year

Step 3 - Income generating hours

Input the average number of hours per day spent on clinical activity to generate 'Total annual paid hours' (e.g. 7).
The final results will appear as the "Calculated hourly rate.'

  • Income generating hours


Total gross OHIP payments
OMA multiplier adjustment
Total annual earnings (may include OMA-adjusted OHIP earnings)

Total Working Days per Year *

Total Annual Paid Hours **