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Improved access to Community Physiotherapy Clinic Program

As a result of our advocacy to reduce your administrative burden and improve equity in patient access, you are no longer required by the Ministry of Health to issue referrals for your patients who access the OHIP-covered community physiotherapy clinic program. This policy is now in effect and more information will be posted soon in the Ministry of Health’s INFOBulletin, which you can sign up for to receive via email.  

Reminder: EMR queries available to assist with measles immunization

Ontario’s chief medical officer of health is reminding you that EMR queries are available to help identify under-immunized patients. This follows the death of an unvaccinated child under five years old from measles.

OntarioMD offers queries to identify under-immunized children aged four to 11 on Telus, OSCAR and Accuro EMRs. The eHealth Centre for Excellence also offers specific queries to identify patients who are due or overdue for measles immunizations, as well as those on a vaccination priority list, on Telus PS Suite, OSCAR and Accuro EMRs.  

Publicly funded-Paxlovid access changes

The COVID-19 antiviral drug Paxlovid™ is now only publicly funded in the community for adults who are eligible for the Ontario Drug Benefit program, including OHIP+ and Trillium Drug Benefit, as outlined in the Ministry of Health INFOBulletin from May 17. Those eligible for ODB coverage for Paxlovid include adults who are 65 years or older, immunocompromised or have one or more risk factors for severe COVID-19. When prescribing to them, you must use one of three new Limited Use codes found in the ODB formulary. Physicians, nurse practitioners and pharmacists can continue to prescribe the antiviral, which is dispensed through local pharmacies.

For those not covered by government drug benefit programs, payment options for Paxlovid include private insurance or out-of-pocket by the patient – consistent with typical funding models for other medications.

COVID-19 antiviral Remdesivir remains available through Home and Community Care Support Services for patients with OHIP coverage who cannot take Paxlovid due to a drug interaction, contraindication or if it's been more than five days since the onset of symptoms.

Access the latest clinical guidance from Ontario Health.  

Safeguarding your data

In keeping with the highest security standards, we have added multi-factor authentication to your OMA account. While optional for now, starting June 10, when you log in, you will be required to enrol in this enhanced security feature. You may choose between using one of the OneLogin, Google or Microsoft authentication apps, or receiving text messages, to validate your identity. This can be set up anytime.

Need help? Contact Learn more about multi-factor authentication.  

Prep your practice for measles

To keep your practice safe and avoid disrupting operations due to measles:

  • All staff should have lab-confirmed or presumptive immunity
  • Under-immunized staff who are exposed need to isolate for up to 21 days, at the direction of public health, regardless of whether they receive a post-exposure prophylactic dose of an MMR vaccine within 72 hours of exposure
  • Health-care workers who are under-immunized are eligible to receive up to two publicly funded doses of an MMR vaccine

Symptomatic patients who have recently travelled and whose immunization status is unknown should have measles considered as part of the differential.

Read Public Health Ontario’s Measles: Information for Health Care Providers for more information.

Learn how to apply for an ICHSC licence

Register for a webinar to learn how to apply for an Integrated Community Health Services Centre licence, which is needed to open community surgical and diagnostic centres that provide MRI/CT scans, GI endoscopies and orthopedic surgeries. The Ministry of Health will share timelines for its three calls for ICHSC applications, the licence application process and eligibility requirements at a webinar on April 19 at 11 a.m. RSVP by April 16. Another webinar for MRI/CT licences will be held on April 24 at 4 p.m., with an RSVP deadline of April 23.

Members of relevant networks and sections have been engaged with the MOH on the development of the quality assurance program for ICHSCs, under which Accreditation Canada will replace the CPSO (member-only content) as the prescribed inspecting body. While we are pleased to see these centres proceed, we have some cautions and concerns that have been outlined in a letter to the MOH. Please contact us after the webinar if you have any feedback on the implementation of these new centres.

UPDATE: CRA changes course on trust reporting requirement

We have an update on the tax regulation we shared with you recently. Due to the reaction to this ruling, the CRA issued a statement today to say that “In recognition that the new reporting requirements have had an unintended impact on Canadians, the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) will not require bare trusts to file a T3 Income Tax and Information Return (T3 return), including Schedule 15 (Beneficial Ownership Information of a Trust), for the 2023 tax year, unless the CRA makes a direct request for these filings.” Out of an abundance of caution; we would recommend checking with your accountant or tax professional to ensure you are compliant with tax rules.

Important update: OMA Insurance premium information

This is an update regarding your Premium Information for tax purposes. Due to Securian’s inability to provide premium statements as they have in the past, or provide the data required on time, Premium Information statements are delayed. OMA Insurance is working to populate the summary with information from the insurers as quickly as possible. We understand the importance of this document and appreciate your patience. We expect the statements to be ready during the first week of April, and we’ll continue to provide updates as they become available. 

New groups to access Phase 2 HOCC funding

If you applied in November for funding under the new burden-based Hospital On-Call Coverage program, you should receive your funding in the fall if your group meets the eligibility criteria under existing rules. Our recent agreement with the Ministry of Health on Year 3 of the 2021-24 Physician Services Agreement has earmarked up to $40 million for new groups. 

If any additional funding is needed to implement this new system, it will be negotiated and, if necessary, arbitrated as part of Year 1 targeted funding under the 2024-28 PSA. 

The HOCC working group is reviewing applications from last fall for new and existing groups, and it will have the new burden-based model ready to be implemented on April 1, 2025. Until then, the current model will remain.  

We’re continuing to advocate for funding other on-call programs:

  • Community Palliative On-Call
  • Complex Continuing Care On-Call
  • Long-Term Care Home Physician On-Call

Hazardous waste management

The reporting of hazardous waste management activities changed as of Jan. 1, 2023. An online Hazardous Waste Program registry operated by the Resource Productivity and Recovery Authority replaced the paper-based Hazardous Waste Information Network system. Online reporting of all hazardous waste that your practice produces, including sharps and biohazardous and pharmaceutical waste is mandatory.

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