OMA President-Elect Nominee Selection

Voting in the OMA President-Elect Nominee Selection is Closed. Results will be published on April 22, 2019.

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Release of Physician Billings Data Confirms High Patient Demand and Commitment of Ontario's Doctors
Toronto, April 11, 2019
The physician billings released today, as a result of the Supreme Court of Canada’s decision not to grant leave to appeal, clearly shows the demand for health care services and the time, commitment and dedication of Ontario’s doctors to providing this care.

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Leadership Opportunities – OMA Committee Vacancies
The OMA is looking for engaged members to drive our organization forward!

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Arbitration Award FAQ
OMA Negotiations answers questions related to Arbitration Award.

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Relativity Advisory Committee Update
Relativity is the process to compensate equal work equally among physician specialties. There are three essential components to relativity outlined here:

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