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Tentative agreement reached with Ontario government on binding arbitration
Toronto, May 18, 2017
Further to my update last week on the progress on a binding arbitration framework, I am very pleased to report that earlier this week, our negotiations committee reached agreement with the government over a binding arbitration framework.

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2017 OMA Member Satisfaction Survey
The results of the 2017 OMA Member Satisfaction Survey are now available to members. A summary slide deck and accompanying report are provided.

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Health Care Advocates News and Updates
The OMA Health Care Advocates program provides weekly updates and breaking news related to health care legislation and policy developments, physician advocacy opportunities and training, resources for members and more.

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Guide: Implementing an Uninsured Services Program
This guide provides a general overview on how to implement an efficient and effective Uninsured Services Program in a physician office, including the relevant policies and interpretation of regulations applicable to implementation of such programs.

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