Proposed Federal Tax Changes

Newly proposed federal tax changes will impact the tax rate on the earnings from investments held inside professional corporations, as well as eliminate income splitting, tuition for children in college, and more. It will impact doctors at all stages of their careers.

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  • Ontario Perinatal Record 2017
    The new Ontario Perinatal Record and User Guide are available via the Provincial Council for Maternal and Child Health.
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Proposed Federal Tax Changes: Take Action Checklist / MP Outreach
Toronto, September 22, 2017
In addition to proposing unfair tax changes that could make Canada an undesirable place to practice medicine, the Prime Minister is personally attacking doctors to instigate class warfare for political gain.

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Ontario Medical Review (OMR)

The OMR is a leading source of professional, economic, legislative and policy information affecting the medical profession in Ontario. Read the latest issue to stay informed on current issues and activities of the OMA, or learn about the benefits of OMA programs and services.

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Health Care Advocates News and Updates
The OMA Health Care Advocates program provides weekly updates and breaking news related to health care legislation and policy developments, physician advocacy opportunities and training, resources for members and more.

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Guide: Implementing an Uninsured Services Program
This guide provides a general overview on how to implement an efficient and effective Uninsured Services Program in a physician office, including the relevant policies and interpretation of regulations applicable to implementation of such programs.

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