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Our thoughts are with all those affected by the recent tragic incident in Toronto. We would like to thank the first responders, doctors, nurses and all of our health care partners for their tremendous work.

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  • 2018 Ontario Budget Summary
    OMA Economics, Policy and Research reviews major health sector investments, key implications for Ontario physicians.
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OMA Election Platform, Call To Action
Toronto, March 28, 2018
For too long, Ontario’s doctors have been sidelined by government, propping up a health care system in decline. We’re calling on all candidates and political parties to make health care the top priority in the June election.

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Binding Arbitration FAQs
OMA Negotiations answers: what can be arbitrated, timelines, impact of the 2018 provincial election, and links to additional information.

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Proposed Federal Tax Changes
Newly proposed federal tax changes will impact the tax rate on the earnings from investments held inside professional corporations, as well as eliminate income splitting, tuition for children in college, and more. It will impact doctors at all stages of their careers.

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