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Ontario's Doctors lead you to better health

Our doctors are finding innovative ways to solve complex challenges in the health-care system. In our new video series ‘Centred on Care’ see how Ontario’s Doctors are driving positive health-care change across the province.

Centred on Care video series

Episode one: Improving access to care in the North

Northern Ontario has a severe shortage of physicians. Dr. Sarita Verma, president, vice-chancellor, dean and CEO of NOSM University, helps to address this challenge. As Canada's first independent medical university, NOSM has had an immeasurable impact from their innovative approach to medical education. As a result of this work, an additional 400,000 people have access to health care and family medicine.

Learn more about the work of Ontario's Doctors

Stay informed on how Ontario’s Doctors are working to improve health care and how you can support.

More episodes coming soon

In the coming weeks, we’ll share more videos highlighting the innovative ways Ontario’s Doctors are leading us to better health.

Value of doctors

Watch a powerful and emotional video of how nine doctors from different health-care backgrounds care for their patients and the commitment they show to keeping them healthy.

The Doctors' Take on improving health care 

Hear first hand what Ontario’s Doctors have to say about improving health care in Ontario.