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Learn about how the OMA works with medical students, and the support available to you through your OMA membership.

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As a medical student, we invite you to join the Ontario Medical Association (OMA). We represent of over 42,000 physicians, residents and medical students, and want you to know that we’ve got your back – not just in the early career stages but throughout your medical career. We’re here to support you on your journey to becoming a physician.

Join the OMA

Founded 140 years ago, the OMA continues to advocate for the well-being of our members and the health of Ontarians. We work hard to strengthen the leadership role of doctors in caring for patients, and to be the trusted voice in transforming Ontario’s health care system.

When you become an OMA member, you’re joining a diverse, inclusive community where your voice matters. You’ll get to work and connect with other Ontario doctors to make an impact on health policy and on matters that affect the profession and the public.

Experience all the OMA has to offer

OMA’s programs and services focus on key issues that impact your success. When you join the OMA, you get access to a wide variety of benefits and programs tailored to your needs at every stage of your career.

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Health System & Advocacy

As a member of the OMA, your voice matters. We work closely with our elected leaders to represent member interests. From negotiating payment contracts with the province to creating value-added professional services. Our efforts have never been more important as we work together with the government and all our healthcare partners.

We provide ongoing training and support to help you find your voice and lead transformation through programs and services, such as:

  • student leadership knowledge translation
  • Student Ambassador Program
  • Lobby Day training
  • consultation for unmatched CaRMS
  • Speakers Bureau

Your Association

We are stronger and louder when we work together. Through the OMA, we offer programs and publications to help you succeed, stay connected and informed:

OMA Awards

Founded in 1921, the OMA Awards program recognizes the work of physicians, residents and medical students in Ontario.

Individuals are awarded for outstanding contributions of service to the Ontario Medical Association, the medical profession, medical science or the common good.

Award recipients are celebrated annually at the OMA awards ceremony, held at the annual general meeting in spring, or through local events dependent on the award category.

Member Advantages

With your OMA membership, you have access to exclusive member benefits and discounts to help you save money, so you can focus on the important stuff, like preparing for your CaRMS tour and saving for the future you deserve.

Take advantage of the services and programs that have been designed just for you.

OMA Advantages

This program has member-exclusive offers tailored to support you in your professional and personal life. From travel and entertainment to cellphones and much more. Our partners include:

  • Goodlife Fitness
  • Porter Airlines
  • VIA Rail
  • Telus
  • hotels
  • UptoDate
  • Surgo Surgical Supply


Memberperks for OMA gives you access to over 3,000 discounts on everyday purchases. Including:

  • apparel
  • dining and food
  • health and wellness
  • travel and entertainment
  • computer and electronics  

OMA Insurance

When you join the OMA, you get access to OMA Insurance’s Group Insurance program which is one of the most popular benefits among members. As a medical student, you can take advantage of the OMA Insurance Student Special Offer as well as other insurance solutions that you may need down the road:

  • life insurance
  • auto insurance
  • home/tenant insurance
  • critical illness insurance

Advantages Retirement Plan™

OMA Insurance puts your interests first when it comes to saving for your future. In addition to providing insurance solutions, we offer a group retirement savings plan designed exclusively for OMA members and their spouses or common-law partners. This first-of-its-kind group income retirement savings plan is specifically designed to help you begin your retirement planning.

Saving earlier adds up. Start today. Visit Advantages Retirement Plan™, or contact an OMA Insurance advisor for assistance at 1-800-758-1641.

Practice and Professional Support

Although you may not have a medical practice yet, we offer education and support to help you succeed as a medical student and prepare you for your residency. This includes: