OMA strategy

More about how we are putting members at the centre of everything we do

The OMA has renewed its strategy, enabling the organization to be even more effective champions on what matters most to its members. The strategy builds upon the organization’s past achievements while positioning it to thrive in the future. It will enable the organization to lead health-care system transformation, ensure competitive compensation and reasonable working conditions for Ontario’s doctors while improving patient outcomes.

The OMA Board of Directors approved the strategy in December 2023 after consulting with members and health-care partners. Our members are at the centre of everything we do.

Download the OMA strategy document

strategic-priorities-graphic.pngWhere we will act: Our members

Represent and advocate for competitive remuneration, working conditions and well-being

How we will execute:
  • Advocate for the interests of physicians: As representatives for Ontario’s physicians, work with government and other system partners to ensure that physicians get sustainable, competitive compensation, have resourced working conditions and are able to provide quality care to patients, both through the formal and ongoing negotiations process
  • Support physician practice transformation: Provide resources and guidance to transform physicians’ practice through technological solutions and partnerships that improve patient outcomes and reduce administrative burden
  • Promote physician health and well-being: Increase access to wellness resources, such as mental health, and provide training/education/products on physician well-being both health and financial

Where we will act: Our system

Amplify the voice and expertise of members to accelerate system changes, promote collaboration and enhance patient care

How we will execute:
  • Be the trusted voice for the future of health: Elevate and amplify physician and staff expertise to provide perspectives and action-oriented solutions that address disruptive health trends, next generation issues, and emerging policies impacting health care (e.g., artificial intelligence, new models of care, future of health human resources)
  • Convene system partners to improve health care: Work with system partners, including government, hospitals, and other health-care organizations, to build trusted, bilateral relationships, drive evidence-based innovation, and improve health-care delivery
  • Advocate for health-system solutions: Prioritize solutions aligned with the Prescription for Ontario that address current health workforce challenges, and equitable, evidence-based, patient-centered delivery of care

Where we will act: Our organization

Empower our people to drive value and trust in every interaction with members. Invest in growing influential physician leaders

How we will execute:
  • Strengthen culture of trust and value: Define our desired “OneOMA” culture and focus on strengthening trust. Empower and build relationships with leaders and leverage expertise across the organization. Develop, retain and empower staff to achieve a "OneOMA" culture
  • Deliver value through governance, physician leadership, and engagement: Enhance governance structures including ESG processes, to engage and develop physician leadership. Invest in leadership training programs, encouraging physician involvement in advocacy, and decision-making processes, and promoting physician participation in professional organizations. Collaborate and communicate with leaders across the OMA network
  • Enhance operational effectiveness and results-oriented execution: Deliver on our strategy through disciplined execution, focus, performance measurement, agility and collaboration with our people and leaders
  • Advancing equity, diversity and inclusion: As an organization, the OMA will continue its commitment to, and work on, equity, diversity and inclusion in all that it does, with a particular focus on members, employees and furthering our work with Indigenous Peoples in Ontario on Truth and Reconciliation