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Highlighting women physician leaders

Watch five videos of women physicians sharing their experiences

The Women Leaders Memory Project is an archiving initiative based on member contributions that capture and celebrate the history of women physicians and document their unique experiences in the medical field. In honour of International Women's Day here are the stories and experiences told by a few women physicians who have contributed to the Women Leaders Memory Project.

Sensitive content warning

The views and opinions expressed by the Women Leaders Memory Project participants are solely their own and do not reflect the views and opinions of the OMA. While the submissions are reviewed to ensure privacy is protected, they are otherwise unedited. As the Women Leaders Memory Project covers all aspects of the women physicians’ experience, some memories, reflections, and stories shared may cover topics such as sexual assault, violence, and identity-based discrimination and harassment. Some may find the content offensive or disturbing.   

If you, a loved one, or a colleague are experiencing difficulties or need someone to talk to, the Physician Health Program can help. Please reach out to this confidential service by calling 1-800-851-6606 or by email. 

Dr. Nina Ahuja
Ophthalmic surgeon – Hamilton
"Don't be afraid of who you are." Dr. Ahuja offers advice to new women physicians


Hear their stories

Dr. Nina Ahuja

Ophthalmic surgeon – Hamilton

Dr. Kathee Andrews

Family physician – Toronto

Dr. Michelle Barton Forbes

Chief, pediatric infectious diseases – London

Dr. Lisa Calder

CEO, Canadian Medical Protective Association - Ottawa

Dr. Samira Jeimy

Training program director – clinical immunology and allergy - London