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New public campaign advocates to increase funding for health care

We’re asking patients to stand with Ontario’s Doctors on social media as we demand more funding for our struggling health-care system.

We’re encouraging you to share on your social media channels and in your practices to continue to raise awareness about the critical need for funding. 

Here are some downloadable assets you can use on social media and at your clinics to let your patients know, we’re sick of the health-care system failing too. 

Share your support on social

Click on the images to download

We're sick of having to close our practices image

We're sick of your health care being at risk

We're sick of our patients waiting endlessly

"We're sick of it" posters for clinics and offices

Click on the images to download and print posters

We're sick of having to close our practices poster

We're sick of sick of your healthcare being at risk poster

We're sick of patients waiting endlessly poster

You can visit the campaign page to share more social media posts by email or through your social channels at the bottom of the page.