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RIO Postal Code Look-up

The Rurality Index for Ontario (RIO) is increasingly being used as an eligibility factor for incentive programs offered to rural physicians. Using the tool below, you can find out an address’ RIO score. This score is calculated by identifying your Ontario Census Subdivision (CSD)* via your postal code.

Please enter your practice’s postal code below:


Unfortunately, not all postal codes map directly to CSDs. However, if your request returns a CSD Name: "Multiple CSDs", please contact Liam Snow ( or 416.340.2994) to determine your score. If your request returns a CSD Name other than "Multiple CSDs" and without a corresponding RIO score, the CSD was excluded from the RIO score analysis and does not have a score assigned to it.

A full listing of census subdivisions and RIO scores is available as well as an explanation of RIO methodology. You will need your OMA number and password to access this information. For further information you may contact Liam Snow at or 416.340.2994.

*A Census Subdivision (CSD) refers to the general term applying to municipalities (as determined by provincial legislation) or their equivalent, e.g. aboriginal reserves or settlements and unorganized areas (UNO).