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In memoriam
Oct. 7, 2023

Dr. James Ransom Wilkes


We share with great sadness and much love, that Dr. James Ransom Wilkes died peacefully at home on Oct. 7, 2023, with loved ones nearby, just as he wished.

While bereft, we are happy he is at peace and without pain, having lived 91-plus years with joy, love and compassion for others. Dr. Wilkes was the son of F. Hilton Wilkes and Victoria Gooderham; husband to Diana Collins, and predeceased by Suzanne Frawley (married 1982-2006) and Elizabeth McVittie (married 1958-1981). Dr. Wilkes and Elizabeth's children, Judy Durham (Duane), John Wilkes and Jennifer Colleran (Peter); and grandchildren Matthew and Timothy Durham, Elizabeth and Rhiannon Colleran, and a large, blended family of Hogarths' and Collins' share their grief and love for Dr. Wilkes.

Dr. Wilkes was a passionate defender of the rights of children, especially those in the child welfare system. A child and adolescent psychiatrist for decades, Dr. Wilkes worked with Catholic Children's Aid, led the Shoniker Clinic at Scarborough Centenary, worked with the Ontario Consent and Capacity Board and volunteered with the Sparrow Lake Alliance Limbo Task Force. Dr. Wilkes' education included an MDiv as well as his medical degrees, and he wrote about the intersection of faith, science and mental health in his two published books.

While very connected to real-world concerns, his family and friends remember raucous meals and parties, where spirited discussions and laughter reigned.

In lieu of flowers, donations to the Children's Aid Foundation are welcome and will honour and extend Dr. Wilkes' lifelong commitments.