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Ontario Medical Review
Dec. 23, 2020
Ontario Medical Association

This article originally appeared in the November/December 2020 issue of the Ontario Medical Review magazine.

New OMA Governance Transformation website

The OMA has launched a new dynamic website to better connect members to the continuing efforts to transform and modernize the OMA into a world-class medical organization. The website features a fresh design, intuitive layout, and a range of interactive resources that explain the various components of the OMA governance transformation plan. 

For example, the General Assembly Snapshot highlights the composition of the new General Assembly and the envisioned Priority Setting process. A graphic recording gives an overview of the OMA Governance Transformation presentation at Physician Leaders Day in late September.  

Overview of OMA Governance Transformation

Developed in consultation with the joint board/Council Governance Task Force (GT20), the website includes a series of video presentations, along with extensive documentation that will allow members to better understand and embrace: 

  • the rationale for proposed changes 
  • the transformation drivers 
  • key changes for a modernized OMA

Member engagement, the role of members and member rights in the new OMA governance structure, are among the featured topics. The future structure and role of the OMA Board, and the new General Assembly, are set out in detail. Job descriptions for OMA-elected positions, the revised OMA bylaws, and related policies and procedures are also provided. 

The site is designed to evolve and expand on a continuing basis as the governance transformation journey progresses. Members are encouraged to visit the home page regularly where “Latest Updates” are profiled.  

Recent postings include:

  • active and effective constituency group updates – including elected leader position description 
  • overview of the General Assembly and engaging members
  • a new approach to member engagement  
  • new General Assembly – flowcharts for how specific groups will operate  
  • the rights of members related to governance 
  • overview of proposed letters patent and bylaw amendments  
  • priority and leadership group delegate allocation

If you have questions or require additional information about OMA Governance Transformation, please email