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Ontario Medical Review
Dec. 23, 2020
Dr. Samantha Hill

This article originally appeared in the November/December 2020 issue of the Ontario Medical Review magazine.

President’s Tour

This year’s President’s Tour has seen a change from previous years. We pivoted from in person to online, making OMA history and expanded the outreach into two phases: Phase 1: OMA Leadership Tour focusing on Leader-to-Leader engagement, and Phase 2: More like the traditional OMA President’s Tour focusing on Leader-to-Member engagement. We renewed the focus to include greater access to OMA Leadership – CEO and Board Chair — and extended the timeline from September to January allowing for evolving contemporary topic updates. Further, the OMA President’s Tour adapted to the virtual world with innovative ways of engaging informally with the new “President’s Lounge” – a virtual space to meet for casual conversations – and are evaluating the results with a post-meeting survey to gauge member satisfaction.  

Here are some of the numbers from the OMA President’s Tour thus far: 

The numbers 

Phase 1:  

  • 4 meetings (1 per Assembly)
  • ~27 physician leaders/meeting 
  • 110 total attendees 

Phase 2:  

  • 11 meetings completed (1 per District)
  • ~55 district members/meeting (~40 in 2019)  
  • 610 total attendees 


  • Increased attendance in Districts covering a large geographical area
  • Increased participation of members who have never before attended an AGM
  • Feedback in meetings is overwhelmingly positive
  • Survey rating on a scale of 0 to 10, where 0 is "not at all valuable" and 10 is "highly valuable"
    • 26% rated the tour as 6/10 or lower
    • 74% rated the tour as 7/10 or higher
      • 18% rated the tour as 7/10
      • 20% rated the tour as 8/10
      • 13% rated the tour as 9/10
      • 23% rated the tour as 10/10

What we heard from you 

Fiscal concerns:

  • fiscal challenges facing members (5/11 Districts)
  • need for infrastructure (5/11)
  • need for income stabilization (4/11)
  • need allowed entry into capitated models (5/11)

Practice concerns:

  • assistance with expired OHIP cards (5/11)
  • distribution of the flu vaccine (4/11)
  • needed for skilled locums (4/11)
  • COVID vaccine prioritization and rollout (3/11)

Health system concerns: 

  • scope creep by pharmacists (4/11) 

OMA-centred concerns: 

  • governance transformation (5/11) 
  • regional representation (5/11) 
  • supporting rural medicine (4/11) 
We also received feedback on racism in medicine and steps the Board and OMA are taking to address this. We heard about OHT development, the importance of virtual care, the BookJane app, the need for a dedicated advocacy plan for the North, and the hurtful narratives that we are hearing about colleagues and the role we all play in quashing them.