Dr. Augusta Stowe Gullen and Roberta Bondar
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Celebrating women in medicine

The OMA acknowledges the triumphant achievements of women physicians during the past 100 years

Your Association

OMR marks its centenary

OMR turns 100: Doctors reflect on their experiences with OMR

Dr. Rose Zacharias
President’s message

The future of health care starts with a culture shift

Creating an environment for physicians to thrive

various issues of the Ontario Medical Review
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Then and now

Commemorating a century of accomplishments

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Physician perspectives

Members share their vision for the next 10 years in health care

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Paving the way and reaching back to offer a hand

Women physicians offer words of wisdom to the next generation

Jeff Henry
Guest editor

Reflecting on the OMR’s history and long-standing dedication to members

Championing physicians is the OMR tradition


Members and staff celebrate OMR's 100th anniversary

Commemorative video showcases the legacy of the OMR, its members and dedicated staff

Women wearing a virtual reality headset
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Ask a futurist: What’s the future of health care?

Predictive health care and personalization of care will be what drives the system toward fundamental change

CEO update

Reimagining our health-care system benefits all Ontarians

Technology, mindset shift will lead system change

Health System & Advocacy

Ontario medical schools adapting for the future

With a focus on family medicine, schools are changing how they teach to ensure primary care is prominent

Patients and doctors connected
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Transforming the health-care system

The OMA and its members believe transforming the health-care system starts by putting the patient at the centre of care

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Caring for patients from diverse backgrounds starts with empathy and understanding

Multicultural makeup: Addressing the unique needs of patients

Physician with a tablet and information
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Data-driven revolution will transform health care

Data and artificial intelligence will change all areas of medicine

Dr. Vandana Ahluwalia in her office with a medical scribe
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Could medical scribes play a role in reducing physician burnout?

Understanding the benefits of scribes in a doctor’s practice

a head with a lot of information going through it
Practice & Professional Support

Keeping physicians’ mental health top of mind

Physician Health Program takes care of the caregiver

Practice & Professional Support

You can’t take anyone for granted

The heath and wellness of your staff starts with supportive leadership