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Ontario Medical Review
Sept. 15, 2022
Pina Felleti
OMA Knowledge and Records

This article originally appeared in the Fall 2022 issue of the Ontario Medical Review magazine.

Celebrating women in medicine

As we commemorate the Ontario Medical Review’s centenary, we also acknowledge the triumphant achievements of women physicians during these 100 years

Although women physicians had already begun to establish themselves when the OMA Bulletin was first published in April 1922, their plight was far from over. They endured sexism, discrimination and barriers to education for many years.    

However, trailblazers such as Dr. Emily Stowe and Dr. Miriam Rossi fought for equality while still trying to improve the health of Ontarians. And in turn, they opened the door to greater opportunities for all women, reminding us that woman physicians are leaders, in their practices and in their communities, who deserve to be honoured.

Visit the historical timeline highlighting some of the significant contributions women physicians have made to health care.

Paving the way and reaching back to offer a hand

Ten women physicians offer words of wisdom to the next generation