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A doctor holding a prescription with an illustrated map of Ontario.

Prescription for Ontario: Doctors’ 5-point plan for better health care


Pandemic exposes deep cracks in health care  

Guest editor, John Bozzo, OMA chief, Member Relations, Advocacy and Communications urges the next government to take the lessons learned from COVID and SARS to reduce death, suffering, and economic hardship to the people of Ontario.  

Will mental health issues be the pandemic’s legacy?

Experts weigh in on COVID-19’s toll at annual disaster psychiatry conference.


The time to speak is now

Help influence political platforms and improve patient care

Prescribing a remedy

Doctors develop five-point plan to secure healthy future

Pandemic exposes deep cracks in health care

OMA develops recommendations to repair fractured system


Prescription for Ontario: Doctors’ 5-Point Plan for Better Health Care

The recommendations focus on fixing the health-care system, and acknowledge the importance of addressing equity, access and climate change challenges.

The human cost of living without home care

One family’s story illustrates why the entire system urgently needs increased funding.

Diverse voices help shape OMA’s plan for better health care

Provincewide consultation one of the most comprehensive in association’s history

Physicians teetering on “edge of a cliff”

Doctor shortages, burnout plague the North

Key advocacy activities planned leading up to the June 2022 provincial election

There will be extensive communications to members via OMA News and directly to the Health-Care Advocates Network to provide updates on opportunities to participate and become involved.

Falling through the cracks in a world-class city

Health-care planning must be done through an equity lens

Incentives needed to attract specialists

Training more specialists through northern medical school first step

How research refined the recommendations

Researchers used techniques like “paired choice” exercises to really winnow out what is most important