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Map on Ontario featuring Sault Ste Marie, Elliot Lake, Sudbury, North Bay, Pembroke.

Ontario Medical Review
Nov. 19, 2021

This article originally appeared in the Fall 2021 issue of the Ontario Medical Review magazine.

Key advocacy activities planned leading up to the June 2022 provincial election

There will be extensive communications to members via OMA News and directly to the Health-Care Advocates Network to provide updates on opportunities to participate and become involved.

Now that the OMA’s health-care recommendations have been launched, efforts will be accelerated to secure widespread political support by working with members to pitch and promote the platform to the public, stakeholders, community leaders, current MPPs, candidates and political parties.

The OMA’s short-term objective, with the support of the membership, is to gain the agreement of each of the major political parties to include at least one of the OMA’s health-care recommendations in their election platforms.

Over the longer term, our collective efforts to promote the OMA’s health-care recommendations, will continue to strengthen member unity, build our grassroots advocacy capacity and lead the conversation on health-care transformation.

To gain public support, the OMA is planning several high-profile and member-led advocacy activities at the provincial and local levels. Member advocacy will be critical.

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We need a more collective way of thinking about health care, one that focuses on solutions, strengthens the alignment between patient priorities and system capacity, and directs provincial financial and human resources toward the best possible health outcomes.

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All candidates in the election need to hear from doctors about the needs in their community and the importance of supporting the OMA’s health-care recommendations. At the same time, the president will be advocating for the recommendations at provincial and regional levels through a number of events, speeches and meetings.

Planned activities include:

With members

  • Training sessions, and current MPP/local candidate meeting kits for OMA Health-Care Advocates
  • Member town halls

For stakeholders and public

  • CEO and president speeches at provincial and regional events
  • Stakeholder events
  • Public engagement through communications channels including social media and websites
  • OMA media briefings and outreach to provincial and regional media

With political parties and elected officials

  • Meetings with president, local members and sitting MPPs
  • Regular meetings with party platform committees