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OMR cover with COVID-19, a health-care worker and patient, building blocks, a graphic map of Ontario

Year in review

Looking back, moving forward

This year has been challenging for all Ontarians, with the unprecedented health-care crisis and economic disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. In response to this global pandemic, the Ontario Medical Association has championed the needs and voices of OMA members, both at decision-making tables and in the communities and hospitals in which they work.

Prescription for Ontario: Doctors’ 5-Point Plan for Better Health Care

The recommendations focus on fixing the health-care system, and acknowledge the importance of addressing equity, access and climate change challenges.

OMA elections

The 2022 OMA elections continue the OMA’s transformation journey through the election of skilled leaders who continue to modernize and enhance our organization, driving the OMA to be a world-class medical association. All members are encouraged to run for the board, president-elect and constituency group leader positions.

Key advocacy activities planned leading up to the June 2022 provincial election

Now that the OMA’s health-care recommendations have been launched, efforts will be accelerated to secure widespread political support by working with members to pitch and promote the platform to the public, stakeholders, community leaders, current MPPs, candidates and political parties.


Stories create connection 

Visit to the north deepened understanding of health-care issues

Closing health gaps in the north

Physician shortages, system inequities among top priorities

Your Association

Our members come first

Snapshot of key 2021 successes and member advocacy achievements

Year in review

Looking back, moving forward

OMA champions physician wellness

Supports offered to help get doctors on the road to health


OMA presents to Queen’s Park committee reviewing new long-term care bill

Role of medical director, IPAC, system co-ordination and palliative care are critical

Recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic

Strong health-care system key to strong economy

Prescription for Ontario goes public

Widespread media coverage draws attention to health-care recommendations